Six-week old Cherry Confidential shatter by @etextracts for @arc_center. #etextracts #clarity #710

    Candy Kush (Trainwreck x OG Kush) by @firstclassconcentrates for @arc_center. Once again thank you all so much ladies and gentlemen! #firstclassconcentrates #710 #errl #PreShowDabs

    The Cookies(I/S), or “Classic Cookies”, from Harborside Health Center in San Jose, CA

    Sour Grapes(Grape Ape x Sour Diesel) shatter by @etextracts for @arc_center. #CleanMeds #etextracts #710 #shatter #NotWax

    CBcanD sap by @firstclassconcentrates for @arc_center. Back spasms and migraines be gone! Strain by MTGseeds, who along with @firstclassconcentrates took home first place CBD concentrate at the 2013 SF High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. This batch tested at a whopping 61.7% CBDA and is hands down the most effective CBD concentrate I have ever had the blessing to come across. This batch was available in extremely small quantities at @arc_center in San Jose, CA. Cannot thank you guys enough!

    Sour Diesel shatter by @firstclassconcentrates for @arc_center. Golden goodness gracious!

    The Cookies full melt from Harborside Health Center. #ColdWaterHash #NotWax #Grease

    SFV OG by @clearconcentrates for Harborside Health Center.

    #SuperSilverHaze #Shatter by @firstclassconcentrates for @arc_center. #FirstClassConcentrates

    Cherry Confidential shatter by ET Extracts for Silicon Valley Arc in San Jose, CA. Nectar of the gods.

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